David Maniet named Five Star Wealth Manager 2014 by Five Star Professionals.
When you step into the offices of Maniet Financial Services Network, we hope that you will feel comfortable. With our investment approach. With our ability to make your investments understandable.  And with easy access to us via phone, e-mail and our convenient South Pittsburgh location.
Maniet Financial Services Network provides our clients with access to a WIDE RANGE of high quality investments. Investments for all investors types from the most conservative to the most aggressive. Many of these investments have low to no-correlation with the broad stock and bond markets.  
Some clients grow their wealth with non-traded investment programs, as appropriate that may provide cash dividends to help with portfolio building.  

We prefer tangible asset backed investment programs that suit our clients financial goals and risk tolerance.


All of the advisors and staff would like to thank our wonderful clients, friends, family who donated toys and Pittsburgh City Police who helped make our Toys for Tots drive a success!

Available Now!

We now offer Do It Yourself Tax Preparation at no or little cost through one of our network partners.  But for those that still want the peace of mind of professional tax preparation that is still available at Maniet Financial Services Network.

Almost anyone can do a Tax Return. Our professional tax preparation is done right with an eye on tax efficiency, and a no charge, no obligation, complimentary financial review.